SAB Systems

Connecting Construction Work Zones To The Future

The Smart Arrow Board™ is a combination of hardware and software that turns ANY EXISTING arrow board into a connected one, providing drivers with up to date navigation info, and giving you valuable information on the day-to-day operations and health of your boards and work-zones as a whole.

Work Zone Optimization

Get Drivers Where They’re Going Faster, While Increasing Safety

Traveler Information System

Get drivers actionable information, creating a safer and faster driving experience

Easy To Use

Requires no change in construction work crew responsibilities,  utilize existing SOPs

Extend Your Data

Interface to Advanced Traffic Management Systems such as IRIS or Google Traffic with ease

Work Zone Compliance

Knowledge Is Everything

Project Management & Monitoring

View and report Arrow Board fleet status to ensure projects are implemented and meet requirements


Receive real-time alerts to inform you of important events via web, text and emails messages

Video Monitoring

Verify that your Arrow Boards are correctly deployed through videos or pictures.

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A Valued Partner

We understand that improving traffic management and roadway safety is a long-term, often tedious process with intense pressures from many different groups. That's why it's so important to partner with a company that has a long-term record of success, a history of innovation, service, integrated solutions proven in the real world and a team that's willing to work right alongside you in implementing and supporting you projects - a company like Street Smart Rental.